Pirate Dog Morgan

Hello. My name is Morgan. My human made me a pirate ship today. Well, that’s what he said it was. I wasn’t entirely sure. It lacked some of the finer points. He said it was made with things from the Amazon. It looked like a large cardboard box stuffed with paper to me. Given that he’d obviously gone to so much effort, I thought I’d play along and jump aboard. It was then that it hit me. The intoxicating smell of buried treasure. Hidden amongst the sails. So much treasure. So many sails. So much fun. Clambering through the rigging. Getting caught in the rigging. Falling overboard. Clambering aboard again. Getting entangled in the sails. Capsizing the ship. Eating all of the treasure. 

The ship didn’t fare too well. The last I saw, it was beached on the lawn. Nestling on a bed of tattered rigging and sails. Getting damp in the drizzle.

My name is Morgan. I am a good pirate dog. 


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