New Tricks

I learnt a new trick the other day. It was so easy, even a human could do it1. I tricked my humans into thinking I wasn’t well. And what do Morgans’ get when they’re poorly. Freshly cooked chicken breasts with boiled rice. Yes! Result! Om, nom, nom-nom. The humans thought I was off my food. Perhaps even avoiding them. Too right I was. They were denying me my canine right to charcoal bones in my kibble2. They thought they’d won but I was in for the long game. Little did they know I can sulk like a middle-sized human. And devour a bowl of chicken and rice in about 30 seconds flat. And the best part; they’d made enough for a couple of days. I’m dining in style. I like learning new tricks. My name is Morgan. I am a cheeky little monkey. Apparently. 

  1. It would however take a clever human. Not like my humans. They really are both quite stupid at times3
  2. Previously detailed here
  3. As you’ll shortly find out.  

2 thoughts on “New Tricks

  1. Milly always gets chicken and rice when she is poorly too, but I don’t think she has ever pretended just to get some!


  2. I’m so glad Morgan is so happy and found a loving home I love reading about him and I so wanted him for myself but my other male dog wouldn’t allow it


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